Addiction Counselling

Substance addiction can include dependency to tobacco, alcohol, street drugs and prescribed medication. Behavioural addiction can include gambling, sex, porn, social media sites, video games, work and even excessive exercise.

Symptoms of addiction can include taking a substance or engaging in a behaviour and not being able to stop, if you have started to experience withdrawal symptoms when you don’t have the substance and continue to take the substance or continue the behaviour despite having the knowledge that it is harming your physical and mental health, it has started to cause problems in your social lives, pulled back from recreational activities you once enjoyed, it has started to cause financial and relationship problems, using substances to deal with your problems, risk taking when under the influence, maintaining large supplies of the substance/making sure we always have some in stock, obsessed with taking a substance and getting trouble with the law.

“Success is the sum of small efforts, repeated day in and day out.”

Robert Collier